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Management Team: Management and Technical Direction

They are the people responsible for coordinating the Project and designing, planning and directing the activities of the Foundation, as well as managing the projects carried out and the material and economic resources, under the guidance and by delegation of the Board of Directors. Among its main functions are: accompanying and advising the centers and programs of Proyecto Hombre; advising institutional relations and actions of incidence and social and political influence; and plan the communication, awareness and external image actions of the Foundation, human resource management.


Technical Teams

They are professionals in the field of health, psychology, social work  and other disciplines who work in the prevention and comprehensive care of addictions from the different programs and centers.


Administration area

They are the professional people who manage the economic and administrative management activity of the entity: secretariat, infrastructure control, purchases, human resources and study center.


Communication Area 

From this area, the entity's external and internal communication actions are carried out with the aim of influencing socially to advance in the field of mental health rights, carrying out information, training, awareness and advocacy actions._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



All the actions of the Foundation are born from the spirit of solidarity and volunteering, and the volunteers or other collaborators participate and enrich the work from all the centers and programs that the entity develops.

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